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The wide spectrum of views propagated online make it all the more challenging for people to navigate a good answer about Islam from a misleading one. Navigate Islam videos answer common questions people have about Islamic teachings and clarify areas of common confusion among Muslim youth, new Muslims and non-Muslims searching for the truth. The search feature enables anyone to search for videos under a particular topic.
Most videos feature the content of the Train the Trainers Course in Da’wah and Dialogue (fondly known as the TTC), a course that was developed in Nigeria during the 1990s to facilitate a broader and more relevant understanding of Islam among Muslims. The TTC has received accolades worldwide, empowering young Muslims and professionals to defend Islam intellectually as well as overcome the factionalism that enables Muslim societies to be torn apart.
This site is not for profit and all videos are available for public use under a creative commons license. Please be sure to send us your feedback and suggestions for improvement. Happy traveling and may your journey be blessed!

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The Navigate Islam project is incredibly relevant to our increasingly digital world. The content is grounded in established programs that have been instrumental to inspiring and educating a new generation of thinking Muslims.

— Peter Gould

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