Shari’ah Intelligence is a very educative and comprehensive book on Maqasid and Usul al-Fiqh I believe it will be beneficial to academics, students as well as all other Muslims. I recommend each and every one of you to read it.

Dr. Aisha Garba Habib
Northwest University, Kano, Nigeria

The knowledge of Maqasid al-Shari’ah is an indispensable requirement for the students and lecturers of Islamic studies in Nigerian universities.

Prof. Yahya Ibraheem Yero
Head of Department of Religious Studies, Federal University Kashere, Nigeria

There is no time the Ummah needs ‘Shari’ah Intelligence’ more than now – when Islamophobia causes non-Muslims to misinterpret Islam and perceive it as static, as something that cannot tackle the challenges faced by humanity in the 21st Century. ‘Shari’ah Intelligence’ is proving to be of much relevance in our time.

Aliyu Dahiru Muhammad
International Institute of Islamic Banking and Finance, Bayero University, Kano

For those with a penchant for knowledge about the dynamics excellence and general workings of the Shari’ah, they have got a sophisticated answer in “Shari’ah Intelligence”. Rich in content, unique in style, convincing in arguments, penetrating in logic and apt in examples. The book presents most of the important aspects of its subject-matter using simple and logical style. It is no doubt a unique addition to the every growing literatures on Maqasid al-Shari’ah which no scholar, student, judge, Muslim activist, Da’wah worker, or researcher on Islam can afford not to have.

Abdullahi Abubakar Lamido
International Institute of Islamic banking and Finance (IIIBF), Bayero University, Kano

Navigate Islam has helped provide me with the tools to better understand my faith. I can now clarify a lot of controversial issues to people who have little to no understanding of the religion. This has helped me greatly as my family and friends are not able to ask these difficult questions to others.

Cameron Thomas

I think TTC rebranding as Navigate Islam for online access is just what is needed now. Youth and youthful minds among the elderly who believe in “Virtual Da’wah” would really find this worthy. It will be an amazing tool for expedient Da’wah! I think more people should know about TTC/Navigate Islam because it’s what they need to fortify their Da’wah skills. It provides on-the-go learning and flexibility plus easy access to knowledge.

Abdulmojeed Olukayode Olayinka

I attended a Navigate Islam workshop last year and was truly surprised at how deeply they probed into many controversial issues that others in our communities might deem sensitive. It makes me appreciate our tradition more and I would recommend their material to anyone interested in learning about Islam.

Nawal Ali

Navigate Islam helped me interact with the outside world in the sense that I know how to explain Islam better to people who enquire and defend myself intellectually. It also gave me a clearer view and removed all doubts I had about my religion and gave me reasons for practicing Islam. It had a great impact on my life. More people should know about Navigate Islam because a lot of people do things due to ignorance. They’re wrong because they do not understand the full concept and Navigate Islam gives you that understanding.

Aisha Yusuf

Navigate Islam has made me a better and wiser Muslim by helping me understand the theory behind hukum and fatwa (laws and edicts) and realise the higher objectives of Islam. This is essential knowledge to bring the ummah together by understanding how scholarly opinions are
made and how to handle differences of opinion within the religion.

Muhammad Jeffrey Ridzuan

TTC/Navigate Islam was something that changed my confidence towards discussing topics on Islam without feeling like I had to know everything before responding to an issue about Islam. It allowed me to be succinct in a response and read my audience before providing a response to a question. It changed my position towards the practice of Islam and the best was knowing that there is an ethics to disagreement that facilitated a healthy discussion with others, even when you differed from another viewpoint.

Dr. Nada Ibrahim

Navigate Islam has strengthened my faith and made me a more confident Muslim by clarifying most of my misconceptions, ignorance and doubts about Islam. It has removed my frustrations regarding diverse opinions of Islamic Scholars. I’m now equipped and so more confident at discussing Islam especially with non-Muslims in a systematic and friendly manner. I’m transformed and even more willing to always seek more knowledge. The higher the number of people that become well equipped and confident to efficiently and effectively share the messages of Islam, especially to non-Muslims, the more widely appreciated and accepted Islam becomes.

Mulikat Tinuke Layi Muritala

The material at Navigate Islam has allowed me to better understand Islam and improved how I can relate with non- Muslims. I think allowing this content to be freely available online is a welcome initiative and will greatly help Muslims navigate day-to-day living, especially with the current misconceptions about Islam and hostility towards Muslims.

Remi Babalola